5 thoughts on “Guardian dog life”

  1. Ground squirrels are like chew toys! They actively hunt them (along with mice, voles and even prairie dogs). They don't eat them, just kill them. It's common with our dogs, and that's why we have a very active flea control program when prairie dogs are above ground.

    The dogs also chase, kill and eat jackrabbits. My adult female, Luv's Girl, is very good at it.

  2. Akbash show characteristics of sighthounds, and they are fast. The big difference between our guardian dogs and coursing dogs is that the guardians live in jackrabbit habitat all the time, so they know jacks well. When the sheep move on the range during the grazing season, Luv's Girl walks along next to the herd, staying right in front. She watches for the jacks as the herd flushes them forward. The other time of year when she eats a lot of jacks is during lambing, when the herd scatters in small groups throughout the sage. She knows where to hunt, and it's rather disgusting to go up to the dog and see jack ears hanging out her mouth.
    You're right, I need to try to photograph it. Rena's not near as good with jacks, but has great success with the cottontails around the ranch buildings and equipment.


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