Pigeon Slander

Apparently there is to be a “reality” show about pigeon racing starring Mike Tyson. While he might not be the perfect spokesman I’d pick, the once- great Audubon Magazine sees this show as an opportunity to link the Horror of Tyson to the Horror of a sport of which the only characteristic is that some pigeon men kill raptors.

Think I am exaggerating? Their lead is “Mike Tyson to Star in Reality Show on Pigeon-Racing, A Sport Linked to Raptor Deaths”. And it goes downhill from there. Is Audubon now a PETA affiliate?

Meanwhile, in a linked action, PETA wants to sue in NY to stop pigeon racing, a sport which has connected more humans to the natural world than PETA ever will. “District attorney spokesman Jonah Bruno says the office is looking into the allegations.” What a world… (HT David Williamson, who says ” SLUG ‘EM, MIKE !!”)

6 thoughts on “Pigeon Slander”

  1. Stephen,

    Well said my friend.

    The Audubon must be struggling for subscribers because this is just ridiculous dribble put on pages.

    BTW, anyone who is legitimately interested… do some more research on Mike Tyson… you will be surprised to find out that the first fight he had every been in (one that possibly started his boxing career) was against a bully who stole and killed one of his pigeons. It takes a real man to stick up for pigeons, and an even bigger one to advocate on their behalf.

    Give him a chance, you might just learn something yourself.

  2. I've left a comment on the Audubon blog. I have no bird in this specific fight.

    I don't think there's any reason to get stoopid and start lionizing Tyson or defending another of Animal Planet's horrible programming decisions just because Ingrid Newkirk has taken the opportunity to run her gob again.

    That's the best way to play into the PeTAns' false dichotomies and manufactured conflicts.

  3. Reading the Audubon story, was I the only one to find a mildy racist flavor in it? As if Mike Tyson might make another valuable Mike Vick character. PETA certainly got a lot of mileage out of Vick. Let's see: same first names, both sports figures, uh-huh, dark skin color, both doing something competitive with animals (trained pigeons in cage match to the death, I think it was). . .Go with the winning formula, right?

    As for lionizing Tyson, I'm not trying to. But I did love his cameo in The Hangover.

  4. Remembering suddenly of hearing of this Tyson show, I rushed over knowing you would have a comment. There is no cruelty in pigeon keeping, unless you count using Pouters to "steal" other's birds… So I will watch with interest. I always suspected that Tyson made a better pigeoner than superstar. I hope he proves me right.

  5. I remember reading on the pigeon racing blogs that Tyson is a lifetime pigeon racer and fancier. I say, give the show a chance. Give Tyson a chance. Pigeon racing is one of our oldest partnerships with animals. Predating even falconry.


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