Meeting a mouse

It began innocently enough – Luv’s Girl (all white female Akbash) found a mouse and took it to Rant (male Aziat) and turned it loose.

Rant was appalled. What the heck was that tiny thing that appeared to be about to attack him!?!

Was it scary? Well it might be scary!

To make it stop, put your foot on it. But then you can’t see it.

To see it, you have to pick up your foot, and you know what happens then …

9 thoughts on “Meeting a mouse”

  1. Aren't those St Bernards? They look just like mine when they found something so small. It was always hilarious to watch these little tiny poodles run around my Nikka's legs. Nikka would stand like those guys and try to step high enough so she didn't step on it, yet try to get to know it. How cute.

  2. Beautiful!I want to share this with Rant admirers!

    BTW, our Aziats eat mice, and Rant saw it many times when he was a puppy, there are many in the woods here, perhaps he forget… with so many big animals around, sheep, elk, antelopes…


  3. In the interest of full disclosure, Rant became obsessed with the mouse. It eventually became a very wet, and very dead, toy that he took a nap with later in the afternoon.

    Rant is not used to tiny things – most animals he encounters are big. Although the other dogs hunt for voles in the meadow, Rant has never shown an interest in that. Instead, he hunts prairie dogs, which are the equivalent of small rodents to him (but they are about the size of a cat).

  4. You know, he was smaller than others, that is why he probably did not participate in those mice hunts with his littermates. I do not remember them to catch a mouse (unless mother gave them one), but they definitely saw a lot of them.
    "…The meadow vole's scientific name is Microtus pennsylvanicus" – and they were born in PA 🙂

  5. Male aziats start off playing with mice and little critters and later get bored. The females predatory instincts doubled with a higher defense drive results in more serious behavior. In a pack the female will hunt and bring back food to the males in the pride. We had a male that killed all the rabbits in AZ as pup. 3 yrs later owner called and said he is over run with rabbits in his pool area.
    Great pics.


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