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New grips from Herrett’s for my odd (unique?) but useful little S & W .22. I have put Herrett stocks on all my DA revolvers for years– I recommend them without reservation.

The other? Well, I have cut my “collection” radically to what I can really use. But– well, here is what i wrote to my friend Daniel in California who might possibly also be addicted to Good Stuff:

“I did something– not DUMB, but faintly embarrassing– I somewhat impulsively acquired– NOT “bought”, my excuse– another shotgun-!

“What happened: I had a large amount of non- cash credit at Ron’s from getting rid of my “collection”, too much to get back in cash by far. It wasn’t burning a hole in my pocket, but as Lib helpfully reminded me its cash value was shrinking.

“I was reading over a lot of vintage stuff for the project. Deep in Elmer Keith I casually remarked:”You know, if I could find a classic US double in 16/ 28′, say 6 1/2 or almost 7 pounds– a “Keith- Askins” rather than a 26″ “O’Connor”– it would be cool to get it for sit- down dove and the rare duck– at least if we didn’t have to pay– maybe even open it up for steel– barrels would be thick…” Just musing. Dear enabling Lib said, “well, if Ron got one in”. Still fantasizing I said, “Parkers and Foxes are too expensive, LC’s too iffy, Lefevers too old. Now IF he ever got a 16 Ithaca NID…”

“Understand, though I was looking at photos in Elmer’s ’49 (?) book I hadn’t seen one in a decade…

“SO I walk in last Sat on our way to SF and there is, of course, a plain Field Grade NID 16 with 28” barrels.

“It was (not badly) refinished which cut price but not offensive to me. All functional, good trigger pulls, safety built up to use with gloves and NON auto– both pluses. It is a “57 Chevy” (actually made in 1936) to [any car geeks out there?] the Manufrance’s Citroen “Traction Avant” or the Sidley’s– ??– MG TC, but that is OK. It CRIES for a vintage Chevy- esque red rubber recoil “Ithaca sunburst” recoil pad which I have already ordered. It weighs the desired six and a half, has a pistol grip, and is SCARILY tightly choked as it is marked and EK liked– some must come out or I will pulverize anything under 40 yards!

“No excuse at all for more unless I lose one of these– unlikely!”

Daniel kindly reassured me:

“Incredible story about the Ithaca 16 – no mere coincidence that, or addict’s relapse, “someone” was looking out for you (although I did like the description “dear enabling Lib”). Thank goodness I don’t have a place like Ron’s to pass by on my way into the city…”

Any rate, here it is:

On deck: dog pix (mine and relatives); River Monsters; a preview of new Tom Russell stuff, an interview with Lauren, and probably more, bigger, better & worse…

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  1. Hi Steve

    Asensible purchase for your dotage! Like you, I have now condensed down to my beloved 20G Damon Petrick, made by Herve Bruchet. It, too, weighs 6 1/2 pounds, and fits and feels "right" for everything except geese, which I am unlikly now to pursue very often!

    I have just decided to get Herve to make an additional pair of multi choked 3 in chambered, 29 1/2 ( Boss length!) barrels ,and like you , proved for steel, as insurance against any further ban. They will be ready in October.

    Be interesting to hear how you get along with the 16, after all, you have always had one in your cupboard.
    They are a great, under rated "compromise " weapon, and with 28 grams of No 6, can cope perfectly well with most winged small game .

    Good Luck


  2. That looks like a nice shooter. Since it has already be refinished, it wouldn't suffer value to open up the chokes. Besides, that's a gun I'd want to shoot and keep until the Long Good-bye. If you resist opening it up, a few boxes of Polywad spreader loads might be the ticket for the right barrel and dog work. I have been circling gunsamerica and gunsinternational listings for a 16 gauge NID like a moth to a flame. It's tiring to keep those wings a pumpin'…

  3. If you are still up for some walked up quail, then open up to IC and 1/2 ( Ok for steel ). If dove / duck flighting , then 1/4and 1/2 should do just fine, shootng from a blind!

    I once had a pre WW2 German 16G, non ej.( probably a "Trophy brought back?). It was light and handy at 6 1/2 lbs with 29 in barrels,IC and 1/2. Birds were either dead , or missed clean ! Few runners – must be the bore / height of shot column with 1 oz No 6.

    I sold it to a friend whom I often shoot with , and he would not part with it for a king's ransome!!


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