More old photos: shooting with Father B

This one is pure fun: with Father Anderson Bakewell SJ, shooting his latest acquisition from Champlin Arms, a scoped drilling in 16 X 16 over 7 X 57 JRS, the rimmed version of the 7 X 57, at the Magdalena range in, I think, 1988. Not quite as cool as his .416 Rigby. A Brit officer buddy got that one for him for $75 after a Himalayan foothills sloth bear, the only one in Rowland Ward’s top ten guided by “self”, damn- near ate his leg when he shot it for mauling his parishioners; he allegedly brought it to Andy in the hospital saying “use a real caliber!” (At the bottom, a similar smaller Rigby owned by Jonathan Hanson).

I have written about my old Explorers Club mentor and drinking companion before* and will again, and I believe someone is planning a biography. Briefly: high society (Audubon’s wife was a relative); science (seven species of snakes bore his name for a while, and some still do); big game hunter (more pics to come; his last record was a huge mountain lion he took on a horseback hunt on the Jicarilla Apache res, with a longbow, at I think 72; its skin adorned the floor of his Santa Fe house); mountaineering legend (six Andean first ascents, and pioneered the Everest route with Tilman; “more, and worse”)…

After shooting we drove to the Spur in his vintage Mustang with the Northwest Territory license plates in the shape of a polar bear to drink tequila shots; the full salt and lime ritual. Old Mildred Grayson, the mother of then- bar owner Steve Grayson (and grandmother of occasional Q contributor Phil) was also from “Missoura” and could never get over the idea that “that handsome gentleman” tossing back the Cuervo was also a Jesuit priest…

*on his Santa Fe fridge, a sign; “we don’t serve women here– bring your own.”

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