4 thoughts on “QOD # 1”

  1. I think a dog would actually enjoy hiking it's leg on many of the items in the Louvre. Just as an Anthropologist would be enthralled at observing the tribal social behaviour at a ball game–but certainly not in the boring, pointless game itself…….Speaking of the Louvre(we kinda were)–I always found it interesting that it was named after a wolf denning spot. Another interesting bit of wolf lore I only recently learned about is the origin of the word "loophole"–those holes drilled in doorways/walls to shoot out of–from, obviously, the French term for wolf "loup"! My reading of loophole use usually involved people shooting at other people, and I never made the "Loup" connection in my mind before…..

  2. I am coaching Little League right now to support my sons passion for baseball. It is a little surreal to me as baseball is a strange colonial game to me,"Just not cricket old boy"I would still rather be hawking or coursing but I do get a kick out watching my son play. There are rabbits all around the fields so I may be able to combine the two!

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