A small reward

I have an irrational love for small biomorphic objects– toys, sculptures, pins, animal images from other cultures. My family knows this. Last weekend, in celebration of the imminent publication of An Eternity of Eagles, the Peculiars picked up this tiny Harpy eagle, carved from a native nut by some South Americans, at the International folk Art Fair in Santa Fe. The tiny dragon has a lot of character. In the first photo she stands in front of a soapstone native Bald eagle from Reid and Connie Farmer and a photo of the VLA by local photographer Michael Mideke; in the second she stares down a relative drawn by artist- blogger Carel Brest van Kempen.

UPDATE: Jackson shows us the maker here. And Annie D, where to get one.

2 thoughts on “A small reward”

  1. And that's carved from a NUT? Cool! Virtually every niche in my house is CRAMMED with little plastic animals and such, that I have been collecting for DECADES! A duster's NIGHMARE! So, I just don't dust(much). The figures have to maintain some elevation, however, to stay outside of dog range! As they make great chew toys!(alas)…..L.B.


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