House Band

Regular readers know that Querencia’s home bar is the Golden Spur Saloon, and has been for thirty some years, since Betsy Huntington was alive, first under Steve Grayson’s management (see Q- the- book, which has scenes set there). Montana Pettis (who is not thirty yet!) is the son of present owner Darryl, also bartender and manager and Q fan. He heads up a good rowdy band, 86’d Again. Welcome to the Spur!

Anybody know how to make this thing center? UPDATE: Thanks, Losech!

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  1. Edit the post in HTML, add this to the beginning of the video code:
    < div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
    And this to the end:
    < /div>
    Get rid of the spaces in the beginning of each new code section before you save it. It wouldn't post if I didn't put those in there.


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