Thanksgiving late- night early selections

Friends, family, guns, shooters new and old, art, food, conversation… and lots of wine. Best shot of the day other than Piet, always a serious master & coach, was cellist Joel Becktell, our only first timer–!

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  1. Looks like y'all had a great time. I would like to think, "next year in New Mexico" but we're not quite there yet. One thing, however–the shot of your grandson wearing the same necklace as the suckling pig is somehow a tiny bit disquieting! Mary Ann

  2. MA: I HOPE you can be here next year. As for Eli he tends to want to participate: he wanted the pig's necklace until we finally made him one only with benign fake hot chiles.

    SB: AyA 20 bore round action #2 with 30" barrels; 12 bore William Richards BL; 12 bore Browning O & U trap gun with adjustable comb; CZ 22 military style training rifle; MS 1903 6.5 X 54; S & W 22 revolver "Kit gun"; Colt .38 Special Police Positive revolver. All these but Greg Vivian's Colt and Piet's Browning mine; it is Piet's clays gun; he also shoots an AyA.

    BTW, dramatis personae in order of appearance: me, Jackson and Niki Mazzia Frishman; Pieter Ditmars, postmaster Greg; Elisha Frishman, Jessica Abberly (lawyer & Piet's wife), Joel Becktell, Libby Frishman Bodio.

    Art in first photo: construction by Red Grooms (1960's?)

  3. Great day, wish we could've been there…maybe next year.
    Love the Norman Rockwell of all leaning taking pix! Our shoot was only at range-so boring in comparison. Happy Thanksgiving all. Sis K and gang


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