Happy Birthday Bella

It seems hard for us to believe, but our granddaughter Isabella Wilson had her third birthday a few days back. Connie and I were able to make a quick trip to California to participate in the festivities.

As you can see in this picture, Bella is in a princess phase right now and firmly believes that a tiara (she calls it her “tirana-crown”) should be part of her daily attire. Princess-like appearance is one thing, but princess-like behavior depends on which princesses you choose for role models. One of Bella’s favorite princesses is Princess Leia. While we were visiting, I watched one of her episodes of play where, while wearing her blue princess dress and tiara, she shot imaginary Imperial Stormtroopers with an imaginary blaster rifle while calling for an imaginary Han Solo (who happened to be me) to give her covering fire.

A warrior princess it is.

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