Anthony Bourdain on Guns

Westerners and gun nuts alike will be pleased, as our favorite celebrity chef (and good writer) Anthony Bourdain pens a strong defense of gun ownership, and of our state as well. I’ll excerpt a bunch, but really, this is a classic Read the Whole Thing.

Oh, and he is right on Green as chile of choice too…

Take it away, Tony:

“As much as I’d like to wax effusively about the delights of the Frito
pie, a shamefully delightful flavor bomb that pleases in equal measure
to its feeling in the hand like a steaming dog turd, I suspect what
people are going to talk about when they see our New Mexico episode is
the sight of me; socialist sympathizer, leftie, liberal New Yorker,
gleefully hammering away with an AR-15, an instrument of mayhem and
loathing that also has the distinction of being America’s favorite

“I like guns.

“I like shooting them. I like holding their
sleek, heavy, deadly weight in my hands. I like shooting at targets:
cans, paper cut-outs, and—even though I’m not a hunter—the occasional
animal. Though I do not own a gun—I would, if I lived in a
rural area like, say…Montana—consider owning one. Whatever my feelings
about gun regulation—and my worries, as a father, about what kind of
world my daughter will have to live in, I think I should
have as many guns as I like. Even Ted Nugent should have guns. He likes
them a lot. They make him happy—and as offensive as I may find a lot of
what comes out of his mouth, I’m pretty sure, based on first hand
experience, that he’s a responsible gun owner.


“In New York, where I live, the appearance of a gun—anywhere—is a cause for immediate and extreme alarm. Yet, in
much of America, I have come to find, it’s perfectly normal. I’ve
walked many times into bars in Missouri, Nevada, Texas, where absolutely
everyone is packing.  I’ve sat down many times to dinner in perfectly
nice family homes where—at end of dinner—Mom swings open the gun locker
and invites us all to step into the back yard and pot some beer cans.
That may not be Piers Morgan’s idea of normal. It may not be yours. But
that’s a facet of American life that’s unlikely to change.
I may be a New York lefty—with all the experiences, prejudices and
attitudes that one would expect to come along with that, but I do NOT
believe that we will reduce gun violence—or reach any kind of
consensus—by shrieking at each other. Gun owners—the vast majority
of them I have met—are NOT idiots. They are NOT psychos. They are not
even necessarily Republican (New Mexico, by the way, is a Blue State).
They are not hicks, right wing “nuts” or necessarily violent by nature.
And if “we” have any hope of ever changing anything in this country in
the cause of reason—and the safety of our children—we should stop
talking about a significant part of our population as if they were
lesser, stupider or crazier than we are. The batshit
absolutist Wayne LaPierre may not represent the vast majority of gun
owners in this land—but if pushed—if the conversation veers towards talk
of taking away people’s guns—many gun owners will shade towards him—and
away from us.

“Gun culture goes DEEP in this country. Deep. A whole hell of a lot of
people I’ve met remember Daddy giving them their first rifle as early
as age six—and that kind of bonding—that first walk through the early
morning woods with your Dad—that’s deep tissue stuff. When people start
equating guns—ALL guns—as evil—as something to be eradicated, a whole
helluva lot of people are going to get defensive.


“No middle ground is possible when even the notion of a sane,
reasonable person who likes to shoot lots of bullets at stuff is seen as
so foreign—so “other”. Maybe we would be better off– safer, kinder to one another if we were Denmark or Sweden.

“But we are not.

“And riding across the incredible landscape of Ghost Ranch outside of
Sante Fe, seeing the canyons and arroyos that so inspired Georgia O’
Keefe and generations of artists, writers and seekers who followed, one
is especially glad we are not.”

Read it all, please.

Libby with Bourdain. No, we don’t know him, but this is not the first time he has cooked in New Mexico…

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  1. I just appeased a yearn for a rice dish that Anthony showcased from a Gaza excursion. I'm sure it tasted nothing like what he showed, then again, I didn't use my hands.


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