Hunt & Doggish News

Not a dove on the plateau here— though major elk season is started. But Daniel Riviera is coming down through Montana after training in ND…

With Bailey & ancient hammer Purdey, a happy man…

(Last photo by Katherine)

And though it is still hot in Alpaugh, it is almost time to run. John Burchard still has a couple of Russo- Arabian pups to go– nice examples of the breeding theories below, with Kazakh Semirichenia and COO Arab hounds genes wedded in their ancestry.

8 thoughts on “Hunt & Doggish News”

  1. Opening day just saw local birds coming to water but a few days into the season and we have migrant birds testing us. Already one dove in wine sauce dinner under out belt, hopefully will get a few more birds before the season ends on Saturday.

  2. My English Cocker has finally decided she is a retriever also, has been finding some tough birds in the brush and bringing them to hand. I guess I just needed to shoot enough birds for her to get the idea.

  3. The first part of dove season closed yesterday. Not a lot of birds in the area but enough to get some good dog work in and some really hard retrieves in tough cover. Quail open in a month in SoCal. I'll be glad when cooler weather hits, I think Rosie will like it better also. How do I attach pictures?


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