John Wilson photographed this osprey near Magdalena. It is not the first I know of– I think I have seen three over 30 years– but it is the first photographed.

But what is this semi- obligate piscivore doing 30 miles from any fish that is not in a freezer? “Lake Magdalena” (the sewage pond) has no fish, and it is a long way to any other body of water until you get down to the Rio.

Cat up in the Wyoming sage also has desert ospreys, but hers are all near rivers that run down in slots below the surface of the desert, rich ones, full of trout and other species. Nothing like that down here.

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  1. I have a pix probably of the same Osprey on a pole very near the Water Canyon turnoff. Taken Jan 2013. Since then I have seen it twice and it has been spotted by one other bird watcher in the same area. Perhaps it is here to stay.
    James Cherry – Magdalena


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