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  1. Haven't read the novel yet, but the film version of "Winter's Bone" makes nearly every CGI-dependent, audience-previewed flick out there look like The Monkees must have in 1966, when forced to hazard a scorched-earth stage behind a little opening act nobody had (yet) heard of called The Jimi Hendrix Experience…

    It's a DAMN good flick. I have read other Woodrell, and will definitely read more.


  2. Woodrell is a favorite. His "Woe to Live On" (aka "Ride With the Devil") is a short, brutal, beautiful take on the guerrilla war in Missouri during the Civil War. Ang Lee's film adaptation "Ride With the Devil" is also excellent and deserved a much wider audience. It's received Criterion Collection treatment.

    Jim Cornelius


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