Good Gun

Older run (see beveled edges on the front of the cylinder?) Mountain gun by Smith and Wesson; still older young mammoth tooth from a Florida spring courtesy of Joe Hutto. Backdrop is a Kazakh wall hanging from Olgii, probably between them in age….

It– the revolver– needs good wooden grips and a tanker holster.

5 thoughts on “Good Gun”

  1. How lovely.

    I had this guy make grips for several of my S&Ws (and a Hi-Power); he was in Bay City, OR back then. I would expect his work is still outstanding.

    His boot grips on my 640 and 940 turn them into a natural extension of your hand — which is hard with a 5-shot J-Frame.

  2. I have had good luck with Herrett in the old days (my .22 Smith ca. 1950 has Herretts– remind me to email) and Eagle. I think the last generation was better with the Herretts,but Eagle (Raj Singh) is still good.

  3. I second the Craig Spegel Boot Grips on the MG. I have them on mine–excellent. They are smaller than standard grips but fit my large hand with medium length fingers very well. Not for stout loads however. If you are interested in a chest rig, look at Diamond D's rendition–the best I have seen or used.

  4. Hey You! I saw this and said: “Where’d Steve get that tooth in N.M. Looks very familiar somehow. And by the way— that’s a mastodon, not a mammoth. I don’t do much social media, but would love to hear from you and catch up. Been lots of changes in both our lives. While back living in Florida, Querincia is where I live much of the time.

    Be well old friend, Joe


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