South African AfriCanis

We met these AfriCanis dogs in one community in South Africa. Their owners are devoted to the preservation of AfriCanis, and these dogs demonstrate the beauty and agility of the animals found throughout the rural countryside. Blood samples from desert bred Saluqis in the Middle East and the native African dogs in KwaZulu-Natal of South Africa indicate an “ancient genetic relationship between these dogs,” according to the AfriCanis Society of Southern Africa. To learn more, try these links: here and here.

2 thoughts on “South African AfriCanis”

  1. I bet D. Brian Plummer(may he rest in Peace–unless of course, God has some spirit rats he needs bolted) would crap in his pants from excitement to see these very obvious(and BEAUTIFUL!) African lurcher-types! I actually have to do some laundry myself after seeing them! Good thing I have no access to such dogs, or I'd be WAY over my self-imposed limit of just 10 dogs at any one time(I'm only 1 over just now….)…L.B.


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