Happy Birthday!

“…driving back, the sun descends

Throwing a gold sheen

above the dark mountains

Turn in to get mail–

Libby at the wood desk,

she’ll have the flag lowered next

close the lobby

at 5:00 she’s free

if she has the energy…”

From Bruce Holsapple’s good new book of poems, Wayward Shadow. I’ll have more to say about it, but today is my still energetic bride’s birthday. From a childhood and degree in Berkeley to digging Hell Gap in the sixties and Seventies, to Outward Bound and Everest Base Camp, marriage, a child, widowhood, cooking for millionaire art collectors in Jackson Hole; to Patagonia, to design, build, and run a new cafeteria; running the Mail Order department for ten years; New Mexico to Wyoming to Ventura and Ojai, to Montana and Magdalena , marriage to me (twice without a divorce, story for another time) and the Post Office. We’re still staggering, as I like to say.  Happy birthday, Elizabeth!



16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. A finer, happier couple you could not better find., despite all life's "Issues" thrown ……….
    Enjoy your Birthday, Libby, and have a great one ….


    JohnnyUK & June


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