Q Cover Redux

In the home stretch  on the new  edition of  Q.  For the cover, I still favor some variety of this photo (forgive quality of my amateur efforts; I am sure a designer could do wonders with my template). The publisher favors the old cover. Any last thoughts? Here are the mockups I attempted.

The old one is wonderful but I believe in new covers for new editions. And I should add it is a lot better than this image below– I have been shifting files and couldn’t find a version so got it off Amazon!)

4 thoughts on “Q Cover Redux”

  1. I still like the photo for the NEW cover–WHY redo it with the same old one? Don't the dumbo publishers realize people often get multiple copies of the same book BECAUSE of different covers?…I got my cheapo copy of "The Goshawk" in the mail–nothing you didn't have illustrated in the earlier post. A nice 1978 copy(Viking Press) with the stylized drawing. Now I'm wanting to get a nice hardback copy of "The Once And Future King" to replace my tattered old paperback of that title…….L.B.

  2. I am changing my earlier view. I think the concepts of the two covers are too similar. I now think that, if you are going to change the cover, you should go with something quite different, like the photo of the building against the mountains, the second I believe of your original four options.

    Either that or the concept of the new cover is that it is a bookend of the first cover, in which case perhaps the positioning of the you and the dog should be opposite the positioning of Betsy and the dog, as in one of the options in this post. But really I think that's weaker than something entirely new.


  3. I like the photo of you and dog, but it should be facing right. Yes, it is a memoir, consequently about the past, which I conceptualize as facing left (because of our writing system), but to the reader, it is the future, so face right. Clear?


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