This one is the only one by Bertholdt Brecht I like, at least outside of his collaborations with Kurt Weill, and one of only two great quotes by diehard Marxists I can remember. Anyone know the other? Hint: it was by the most interesting old Commie ever…

Brecht, though:

“Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?”

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  1. Karl Marx:

    The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money.

  2. Excellent, and will use it!

    Actually, Marx himself says more than a few interesting things. But no other important 'active' Marxist can compare in writing or in action to Trotsky, (or got as comprehensive a biography) and few have matched him in the cold realism of his very un- Utopian formulation: "You may not be interested in war. But war is interested in you."

    I think he was the only one who ever hunted and fished, too. I don't quite know what that means other than a life outside of theory.

    And of course, Engels rode to hounds…

  3. Hey, don't give the guvmint any ideas!!! Kinda reminds me of the old time Injun that told the guvmint officials they might ought to put wheels on the Indians, to make it easier to move them around every time they went back on a treaty and took more land!….L.B.


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