Matt who keeps better track than I do tells me this is our NINTH anniversary. Hard to believe… but there have been 3583 posts!

Maybe I can convince him to write something about this subject…

4 thoughts on “Anniversary!”

  1. I am amazed that shrikes were used in falconry, and have so many questions. When did this start? Where? Were they used for hunting any specific game or bird species? Were they flown by men, or perhaps women or junior falconers? What were they like to work with? I would like to learn more about this.

  2. I had no idea that shrikes were used in falconry. When and where? Were they flown by men, or perhaps women and young people in training? What game was pursued, and most of all, what were they like? Do they have distinct personalities like the larger species more commonly flown? Please tell us more.

  3. William mmugumitthey were used as a trapping aid for migrating falcons I believe in Holland. The shrike would advise the trapper to move the bait and when the falcon was attacking the shrike could retreat in a hole in the ground.

  4. I have always wondered how the Chinese use captive shrikes. There are plenty of photos of them but I have never come across any discussion of what they do with them or how they train them. Does anyone know of a good article on the subject?



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