Black and White

Lauren, in Scotland working on her book (no pressure there!) seemed to be in a black and white mood last week, appropriate to her weather if not ours (hot, we hope gathering moisture for a desperately-  needed monsoon). First one of her “on the hill.”

Second, an unusual photo she found of the late gadfly and contrarian Christopher Hitchens– young, handsome, almost sweet, carrying pheasants and, of course, smoking.

Lauren wrote: “… found (when going down the Internet rabbit hole) this old picture of Hitch that I love, which greatly reminds of an old picture of yourself! With gun and quail maybe?”

I think she means woodcock, ca. 1976. That was probably contemporary to Hitch, actually…

 Then I thought, maybe she DOES mean quail. But this one is pretty western…


2 thoughts on “Black and White”

  1. I can't wait to read Lauren's new book.
    Besides being a fantastic outdoors role model for young women and one of my heroes, her Instagram feed is nothing short of amazing.


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