Serendipitous semi-random hound meeting

This is a very preliminary photo batch, as we are having dinner with Joel, and photos are not yet all in. But Dutch Salmon invited us to meet him at the Owl in San Antonio (our S A, NM not  TX) where he was picking up a young female part- Azawakh from Marya. (I hadn’t seen him since his successful Deep Brain Parkinson’s op). We were barely seated when Sis Olney came in, with a phone full of SCENT hound pics (her unique Gascon crosses, now hunting lion in at least two states), trail hounds with French genes and heat- tolerant sighthounds & how & why &…

Two more random observations: we live in a culture where “PHONE full of trail hound pics” is natural; and, if I continue to be vain I must eat less…

2 thoughts on “Serendipitous semi-random hound meeting”

  1. So how's Dutch doing? Perhaps being out with the dogs says it all–I sure wish him well. And an Azawakh cross? Yeah, heat tolerance is most assuredly one of their characteristics! It could be 100 degrees(F) and my Azawakh was raring to go! Not so much in the cold, however…..and ZERO human tolerance–my Azzie bit quite a few people! I personally like a good watch dog myself, and intruders never seemed to pay much attention to the slinking greyhound-thing in the background until too late!….You know you can see my great Azawakh Kori in that DVD I recently sent you, Steve(ahem!)….And Gascon hounds–do these folks know the proper way to smooch a French hound? My Bluetick shares ancestry with the Gascons(of course), and I am careful to kiss him on BOTH sides of his face each night after his supper. And, Steve, there are some nice actual French Gascons in that Beast Of Gevudan movie you have, "Brotherhood Of The Wolf"–perhaps you'll remember(ahem!)…..L.B.

  2. As usual you seem to share something that I am or will be passionate about. Good Things always! If ever things here congeal and smooth out and I make that long overdue pilgrimage to Albiqui to see my second family I promise to stop in, buy you drinks at the bar there, in your town on the way through, listen to your stories with dog like anticipation if you are inclined to share, and mark the whole encounter down as one of best of my life. No pressure of course but?


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