We Need More Feathered Dinos

John McLoughlin was writing about them in the late SEVENTIES. Isn’t it time yet to acknowlege, preferably before the next Jurassic Park, that dinos resemble eagles and turkeys and Roadrunners more than, oh, fence lizards?

Especially with all the good artists around…

These last would be so good if they weren’t lizard- naked!

This guy has known it for a long time…

And this one; well, these ones holding their long – ago first books in front of my house some years back, but I learned at least partly from the guy with the beard.

2 thoughts on “We Need More Feathered Dinos”

  1. The TRUE test of public acceptance of feathered dinosaurs will be when the next "Jurassic Park" film installment features them! Perhaps in the upcoming "Jurassic Park 4"? The velociraptors in #3 DID have small feathered crests on their heads, at least…..L.B.


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