Old photo #1

Found a hundred or so old photos. Here is Constant Commenter  John Hill, better known as “Johnny UK”, on one of his many stays here, riding the Qureshi’s Cebolla north of town.

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  1. Just returned from the pub with Petra !
    Wow, it's the hat stupid ! one of my fondest memories was the privilege of "Riding the Range " in Magdalena- no skid lid, no insurance , just pure, unadulterated pleasure!
    The horse was cannily knowing of it's mount,( and limitations ) and scuffed my leg on a cactus when I was talking, and distracted – but I loved it all !

    I would love to return, and may yet , before oblivion prevents!

    Love to Peculiar and his family from myself and especially June , who you looked after so well!
    Maybe you should take a trip over here?


  2. Mr. Bodio, I was hoping to send you an email, but as I could not find an address, I hope this is an appropriate place to begin.

    I purchased A Sportsman's Library for my son'' eleven-year-old birthday. He loves hunting and fishing and collecting things, including books. He is thrilled with it and just ordered his first book from its pages. I noticed in it the reference to Hunting American Lions which piqued my interest.

    Five years ago i was working for an outfitter on a sheep hunt in the Chugach Range. The hunter was a doctor from central Idaho who told a story of an old time lion hunter who used to track cats on foot without the use of dogs while there was still a bounty. I believe he may have been from Colorado, but what I remember distinctly was when the old-timer was asked what was the longest it took him to tree a lion, he replied three days.

    This story has stuck with me and I have looked for any reference to the old lion hunter rather casually over the years.

    Do you have any knowledge of who this old lion hunter might be or where I could look to find more information?

    I apologize for hi-jacking this thread!

    Abe Henderson

    BTW, In regards to an earlier blog post, I have most of your books and love them all. I would be one young person who doesn't adhere strictly to the recommendations of the NYT Bestsellers list. Your volumes share the shelf with Leupold, Hemingway, Abbey, Beebe, Proenneke, Undset, Keith Mueller, Ruark, Mullenix, Bass, etc, etc. Cheers.


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