Opening day; Photos not ready, Light guns

Trying to get out of the house and return to serenity or at least not black depression. Had goofy and unsuccessful day opening dove on Piet’s Dunhill Ranch but saw all kinds of game– rain makes a difference. We’ve got yr address, birds…

Pics tomorrow, the usual 1st day of Pieter and I with nice shotguns and the obvious shirtsleeves of too- warm weather, trying to look as if  we had scouted properly, industriously shifting our doubles as though we had really shot things…

And to those who doubt the .410: ballistics are better than you think, But walking over hill and arroyo and waist- deep- brush at 7000 feet, where you might fall down if you DIDN’T have Parkinson’s, a 4 pound gun that comes up to your eye instantly is like a living tool, a steel companion. I know I could not take long passers or incoming geese with it but, you know… for my hunting, it works.

I got it back once because the kind friend who had bought it from me in a tight bind years ago thought it better in my hands, and returned it for less; thanks to him, and Libby of course.

I think I will keep it. 8 years in exile haven’t made it any less desirable.


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  1. As we all know , it's the joy of being there that counts, especially on opening day!
    Glad you made it!- more than I did over here. I missed , first time flight at duck yesterday in 40 yrs. , due to a gallstone op last week, but will make up for it soon!

    Enjoy it all….



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