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I have signed a contract to do the so- called “Silk Road Dog Book”, The Hounds of Heaven, by September, and have a verbal agreement to continue on immediately with the contrarian Passenger pigeon book, A Feathered Tempest, on September second– see two articles online in Living Bird, “Superdoves” and “A Feathered Tempest”– and maybe see them soon, because the days are numbered for Living Bird as we know it.

The last book review in LB comes out this fall. I may or may not have a regular column for Anglers magazine, but I certainly will be writing for them. I am on track for the “Direct Brain Stimulation” operation and hope it will be as soon as possible, ie in August, as doing things like typing, and sometimes walking, becomes ever harder (doing a lot of dictation on my laptop– thanks, Beth, re Airbook!!) The success of the operation on another old fart (and desert rat immigrant from the northeast, writer, and longdog man) is encouraging, though the whole situation edges the surreal– as P Burns said, “What are the odds of two running dog guys having Parkinson’s?…  Both in New Mexico too.  Mathematically you two are what we call “red-headed Eskimos.”

Ch ch changes– in attitude if not at the moment in latitude. Enormous work load, with corresponding decrease in ability, slight if not I hope permanent decline in income, increase in HEAT– I have no idea how it will affect the blog, though don’t expect too many long essays! It WILL continue…

Dutch and yrs truly at Owl Bar: Parky outdoorsmen seeking medication and liquids…

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  1. AH CAIN'T WAIT for the sighthound book!!! Once it gits published, you may want to hire you a bodyguard for awhile to fend off the apoplectic AKC folks! If I lived closer, I'd do that for you for FREE! Since I already have lots of experience in such activity, and have come to regard such as rather a fine sport! Hey, Steve, have you read a book(just blundered into it scouting the Amazon) titled "Swifter Than An Arrow", about the Ancient Egyptian sighthounds? I'd be surprised, of course if you had not! And if you have, what's yer opinion? I WANT that book, but may have to save up before I can contemplate an order….L. B.

  2. My wife has been alerted to the imminent publication of The Hounds of Heaven and A Feathered Tempest. So glad to hear that these are officially in the works.

    Best of luck with the operation. I realise we've been terribly out of touch, but Jess & I think of you & Libby often.


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