Pedersen Rifle

But for  the preferences of General MacArthur and a big supply of WWI Springfields, we might have had a more elegant, if complicated, rifle for WWII than the Garand. Nathaniel F, gunblogger, scholar, and expert on military weapons and their history, first showed me a cartridge for the legendary Pedersen when he visited with Arthur last year.  They brought lots of odd long guns, and posed with us in our library.

Now there is a YouTube of shooting the Pedersen, with Nate providing some info and perspective.

2 thoughts on “Pedersen Rifle”

  1. I would find that toggle flying towards my face a bit disconcerting. The guy from Forgotten Weapons does manage to make it knock his hat off.

  2. The toggle was a non-issue. It moves far too fast to be distracting. It actually works faster than a Luger pistol does.

    It did knock Ian's hat off, though, when he got very far forward on the gun. 🙂


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