Sixty- Three

… posts til  #4000.  On June 5, 2005, I wrote the first, rather casually, never dreaming that a blog would become part of my writing life…

Several books, a step- grandson, Parkinson’s, many friends gone…

Selling some guns I should not have (well I do that every WEEK)…

I need without question to write a couple more books while I am still here. Not sure if the blog gets in the way… my memory and cognition may not be what they were– or maybe it is just lack of concentration…

I will be thinking about all of this in the next month or two, zeroing in on New Year’s. Most likely the solution will be a compromise, but I do need to cut back. I am getting slow.


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  1. My mother has Parkinson's disease. Unfortunately,she is losing her memory and seems to be getting senile. If you want to write a book you might want to do that right away while you still can.

  2. Steve, selfishly, I'd like to see you give us another great book. If that means you cut back on the blogging or do more photo posts, you have my permission. 🙂

    Maybe write about how a man keeps his shit together under your circumstances. Give us the "Querencia" of your present time…?

  3. Hi Steve

    Congratulations on such a rich Blogging Life- always so interesting………………..

    I, too think a "Querencia" update of your recent, rich life and contacts would be a fitting project, but good luck and continuing health whatever you decide to focus on .
    It will all be great!


  4. I can credit YOUR blog for helping me get a bit of computer experience! As mentioned before, your blog has recently been BLOCKED on my formerly only computer access–at work(where I was forced, kicking-and-screaming, to learn to use one of the contraptions, and where they are getting more and more paranoid regarding employee computer use). I went so far as to get a local library card and use the library computers when I'm(rarely) in town, MAINLY so I can access "Querencia" again! Some folks see that as a bit much trouble, but I look at it like I used to going to the laudromat when I had a "town night", before I got a washing machine of my own! Amazing things, blogs like this–I consider folks on here my friends, even if I'll never likely meet them face-to-face! A strange(but wonderful) world it is…..As for BOOKS you could get busy writin'—gosh, how to decide? So many possibilities! I'd like to see a WOLF book from you–it'd be a unique perspective, no doubt, and as anything "wolf" these days, would likely be a good seller! I'd even happily give you my "truths about werewolves"(etc. etc. etc.!) to include, if you wanna get into the supernatural aspects of the critters….L.B.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I have read your stuff since long before the intrusive internet made all of our lives a bit less calm. We both lost our partners at about the same time and that along with friendship with George Evans, a love for the natural world,firearms, and archaeology have been a bond.I wish you the best in dealing with your condition. Most of all I urge you to enjoy life as I believe that you always have. I am still slaving away in the corporate world at 66 to support some family needs but your writing/blogging has always provided a lovely escape from work and NJ. Buena suerte, amigo


  6. Well, 4K posts is a lot and puts you in the upper tier for stick-to-itiveness among bloggers. I think I discovered it around 2008 and was amazed that one place held so many of my non-mainstream interests. So I spent a long weekend going thru all the back posts with delight. And then I bought some of your books.

    I still circle back frequently but, if you're not using the blog as a marketing tool for your books, then maybe it'll morph into a digital commonplace book for us all where you can deposit thoughts and observations when you feel like it but under no pressure to post weekly. And you know you'll be compelled to occasionally.

    In a way you've served as an editor, vetting and serving up portals to people, events and things you know we'd appreciate. It's funny, for example, I ran into Jonathon at a Flagstaff hotel and introduced myself as being a fan of Steve Bodio's blog where he popped up occasionally. Not sure how he felt about that.

    But good luck wherever the fair wind blows.

    – Jerry

  7. Matt's right, the "keeping it together thing" sounds like a great start. You've always kept your quests close to the vest – don't venture to from from what you love. I think you have time with confidence to keep on truckin'.

  8. As you alter your writing patterns, perhaps we're talking about evolution rather than compromise. I like what Virginia Wolf said: " I don't believe in aging. I believe in alternating one's aspect to the sun" The second sentence may not be an exact quote, but close. Or, as Henry James would have it: As one ages "…he is bound, in delicacy, to write himself happy." Again, quote may not be exact. Anyway, I believe life is a constantly evolving experience, and you're evolving and so is your blog. As you write your next two books you will inevitably write things that don't fit in the books, but are worth preserving and sharing in the blog.
    And maybe you'll talk about writing. An essay on what you think are the most important elements of the craft, and even what writing means to you, would be priceless. Writing is laden with emotion, and has spiritual significance. This significance is too ephemeral for me to grasp when reaching for it head-on, and I've not been satisfied by anything I've read. But as you continue to write, perhaps it will gel in back of your mind and show up in your blog. I'll be watching.

    Live strong and write, Guy

  9. The time may have come for you to do whichever gives you the most pleasure. If you write the books I will visit you now and then to give you a break and get and update on what has been going on in your world.
    Carpe diem and don't look back Stephen.


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