Libby is doing well, although the broken rib really hurts when she she coughs, and she is going to a dentist today to plan tooth repair.

To certain complainers: I did not publish unattractive pics of Lib without her permission; I did ask, before I took the photos, and she gave it gladly, in the interest of the story. She is the least vain, most un- self- conscious person there is. I am the one who dreads most new pics, feeling like half of them make me look like I were on chemo (I will publish a couple today, as it is only fair). What makes anyone think i would EVER hurt Libby’s feelings, or that in a four- room house that she would be ignorant of it for more than five minutes?

The Cooper’s material was necessary to keep the new woman from sending the Feds or the warden after us. We’re perfectly legal, but an “invalid” with a book contract and deadlines, as well as the walking wounded, don’t need the extra hassle of official visit and explanations. I thought I would put all the facts, biological and legal, up front as a preemptive strike…

The justified (and funny) critic was Jonathan, who wrote in part that the post “…non-sequiturs into a thousand-word exegesis on urban raptors, then – oh yeah – completes the story about Libby!” I have always digressed, or as I say defensively, been “non- linear”, and I am getting worse. I’m just glad that someone who is currently in Tel Aviv, heading to Lebanon with his bicycle, is reading the blog.

4 thoughts on “Recovering”

  1. Remarkable and wonderful! Libby – looks wonderful!

    With appreciation too for the words on function…..
    Really – for all the words.

    All good wishes for continued feeling better and better –

  2. Libby, you look great. You must be a fast healer. If that's homemade applesauce you're eating, pls send along the recipe. I always have more apples than I know what to do with.

    Steve, I empathize with you: I know how irksome it is to defend oneself from a busybody whose energy for sticking their nose into someone else's business is exceeded only by their ignorance.

  3. Hi Libby

    Looks like you a have a remarkable constitution, and are making an amazing recovery – the bumps and scars will soon disappear, and the Libby we all love will reappear!
    The smile is there again, hoping for your 100 % recovery soon


    John & June


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