Apologies for being slow. The “Venom” is doingsome good, but it is a three month process and it does not cure. An attack of cramnps has really knocked me down the last couple of days..Meanwhile, word is out for a new EFECTIVE gene therapy method in Mass- a cure? We staggger from hope to hope…

Meanwhile I have two books, one finished, making the rounds, thanks to Pat Cooper, Malcolm Brooks, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas,  and above all Sy Montgomery.

I am no fan of the literature of sickness but I will make an exception.Anyone wanting to understand PD should read Alaska cartoonist Peter Dunlap- Shohl’s graphic novel <a href=”My Degeneration : a Journey through Parkinson’s“<></a>. It is terrifying, relentless, true, and hilarious.  He is still working..

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