New Vadim & Joseph Crawhall

No GOOD old dog is too old to learn good old tricks. The latest pics in Vadim Corbatov’s Russian site () include this farm scene renminiscent of the work of the dissolute short- lived English painter Joseph Crawhall, who illustrated Abel Chapman in the manner of “the painters of the caves”, according to Don Robero (Robert Bontine Cunninghame- Graham). Tom Quinn thinks his white pigeon may be the best in the world. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “New Vadim & Joseph Crawhall”

  1. Remarkably frank account of Crawhall or "Creeps" in Tangiers in don Roberto s WRIT IN SAND. Remarkable also to know that Creeps was part of, sort of, Charles Rennie Mackintosh s group of architect artists in Glassgow, "one of the Glasgow boys" Thanks Steve, for bringing Creeps back.

    Randy Davis


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