6 thoughts on “Yes, we have a bookplate”

  1. That is a fantastic bookplate. I seem to remember it, or something like, it from your article titled in part "insidious comparisons".

  2. My bookplate is not as exquisite as yours, Steve. Yours is a gentle reminder that the book in question is yours to be returned and not a gift to the reader unless noted. I inscribe a simple: "Stolen from the Bookshelves of Gil Stacy" in mine. I just had a book returned from a borrower almost 20 years after the fact. Roger Rosenblatt in his hilarious essay regarding some of the most feared words in the English language is titled: "Would you mind if I borrowed this book?" thought an appropriate response would be: "Would you mind if I broke your arm?" Time magazine, April 5, 1982.
    "Never lend books, for no one ever returns them: the only books I have in my library are books that other folk have lent me."

    —Anatole France


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