Ain’t Dead Yet 2

!! Have been busy, broke, aNd sufferjng everything from wrong meds to (found, never fear; guess WHO? )lost dogs, to Libby’s becoming, I hope extremely temporarily , a non walking casualty; finally, idiotically, attempting TWO hawks. Nobody could say my life has been boring…

More regular blogging will resume soon. Meanwhile a few images and such…

Creaky old New Nexicans.

Hauksbee getting a wet- down on a hot day

Outside with the irrepressible Bo.

3 thoughts on “Ain’t Dead Yet 2”

  1. Glad to hear yer keepin' on keepin' on! Fine looking hound ye got there. And you know what they say,"two hawks can live as cheaply as one" or something like that……one of the L.B.'s

  2. Great photo of you and Dutch. If it weren't for your book Querencia I never would have met Dutch and never would become obsessed with sighthounds. You two have been a huge influence on my life.


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