Resurrected — not too strong a word. Tiger Country is a logical extension of Querencia because my querencia is the country the old man called Tiger Country. And as Querencia symbolized the first part of my time here, so Tiger Country symbolizes the second. I hope you enjoy.

The subject matter should be as eclectic as the first version’s, but I hope you don’t mind my beginning with a few obituaries.

2 thoughts on “Resucido”

  1. I loved them both. Greedy for more. Tryptich. So.drying about a wall?? And it’s cataclysmic disruptions to everything living..
    Just a wish. Be well. And thanks for reaching me how to shoot.

  2. I’m glad you’re back up with Tiger Country. In Norman, Oklahoma my day starts off with a quick check to see what’s cooking in your corner of the world before I get down to the business of doing something I can actually send somebody a bill for. for perspective, I’m a 76, almost 77 year old still practicing attorney , lifelong hunter ,fisherman and dog lover Marine Viet Nam vet and cranky old man. Active in the German testing system ,, I am a verbandsrichter( judge) and the owner/trainer/handler of two Drahthaars who double as counselors on a daily basis. So, keep the pot bubbling and don’t ever fail to defend your opinions. Waidsmanheil


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