Very Various pics plus survivalist Jack Mormons

Pure fun for a change. First, a recovered photo ca 67 of Mike Conca, my oldest friend — have known him since 54, and still enjoy his company.

What were we doing?? We were going to the Lime Rock Sports Car Race in Connecticut in my new and beloved Morris Minor Shooting Brake, which I bought from E Kidder Meade at Harvard. It went about 40 mph but it didn’t bother me. You could lift up its front end and move it into a parking space. I loved it more than any car I’ve ever had before a drunk in a Mercury squashed it like a bug. Someone had just offered me $1000 for it and I had only paid $250. It looked like the world’s smallest ’48 Woody. One day a guy with a Woody came out and said “I didn’t know mine was pregnant.”

Mike is a naturalist who studied Roseate and arctic terns with Jeremy Hatch for a few years on the Cape. He is still a naturalist in his retirement, doing a study on local Barred owls. When we lived together in the 70s the owls used to come up the hills and sit in the windows, making horrendous noise. The reason HP Lovecraft had so many of his stories near the January Hills— The Dunwicn Horror, The Color out of Space— is that it is a spooky place., It was near the town of Shutesbury where he lived with me and still lives with his third wife Mary Lou,

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  1. Steve, we almost met once, when your cousin Terry Lord called me and asked if he could bring you by when you visited him in Fairbanks. I immediately said please do. That meeting never happened, much to my regret. We have so many interests in common,Falconry (for me in Alaska since 1961,age 16),hunting,SxS doubles,grouse,gyrfalcons,goshawks,peregrines,merlins, sharp-shins,golden eagles,Art,dogs . Alas writing is not one of my talents, But I have enjoyed your writings for many years. The best to You Bill Tilton


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