I saw the article above and laughed. It reminded me of this TV psuedo doc, Great Lakes Copper Heist.

The premise was that since copper was mined by First Nations peoples they were trading it to ancient Greeks, who were rowing across the Atlantic and into the Great Lakes for it. Natives were not marketable enough so they used a racist fiction to try to sell it. They have the balls to call it the History Channel. LOL

Cougar Origins

Cougars (Puma concolor) Control Feral Horse (Equus caballus) Populations in Some Environments

“Incidentally, the Pleistocene cougars that lived in North America were not directly ancestral to cougars that live on this continent now. They were an extinct ecomorph that grew slightly larger than modern cougars and may have had spotted fur. According to genetic evidence, all modern North American cougars descend from a population originating in eastern South America about 10,000 years ago. Strange as it may seem, this population completely replaced the Pleistocene ecomorph.”

The interesting bit.





Giant flamingo sculpture coming to Tampa International Airport in the Spring of 2022 based on an actual underwater picture of a foraging flamingo.

A lot of public art leaves me unimpressed but this is a cool idea. I love the water dappled light on the floor.

some serious protein

Alaskan sockeye

10 million more than expected. That is some serious protein.

Compared to our empty rivers here it is a miracle.

“Just because the habitat doesn’t have fish in it now doesn’t mean it’s not holding the potential for fish in the future.”

The big take away and hope.

A good piece.