Drool Worthy Scottish Guns

These MacNaughton skeletal guns are considered to be the most elegant gun ever. They are very rare. Less than 150 were made, only 16 pairs. The 2531/32 numbers date them to 1901. And to my utmost joy fitted me as if I ordered them myself. They shoot as beautiful as they look.

A matched pair of bar in wood trigger plate guns with Damascus barrels.  Steve may pass out.

They are tarted up with an excessive gloss finish but I could live with it.

More pix and info under the link.

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2 thoughts on “Drool Worthy Scottish Guns”

  1. I have seen a 28 bore pair, with twenty- four inch barrels, otherwise just like these.

    Baron Rothschild’s sixteen bore — he of the bird collection and the zebras, which was nice but there were no other guns as desirable to me. I’ll put a picture in another post. I think the Dixons are more than fine; the MacNaughtons were more primitively beautiful. At first, they were almost identical.

    I knew a postman who owned a MacNaughton. I got to handle it after it got away from him.


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