“Mainstreaming” Falconry?

Of course, the biggest thing is Helen in Vogue and pieces on her in the New Yorker and interviews with her on NPR. The FUNNIEST was the New York Review of Books using her to advertise their edition of T. H. White’s The Goshawk (“the book that inspired Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk!”– see it a few posts below). Not for nothing did Matt Mullenix suggest that we have stickers to put on certain of our books saying “This book features FALCONRY, the sport featured in Helen Macdonald’s H is for hawk.

But falconry may already be getting into our collective unconscious. There was a car commercial during the winter that showed a guy flying a magnificent Ferrug. And now there’s this:

Maybe it IS a “River Runs Through It” moment…