Goats and grazing

Jim and I camped out on a beautiful private ranch at the based of Devil’s Tower last week. We were in the area learning about how a herd of goats is used to control a leafy spurge infestation on a cattle ranch. It’s for a children’s book about goats that I’m working on.

My friend Carolina Noya is running 700 young goats on the ranch, using electric fencing to control the grazing. The goats key on weeds and other browse, leaving the grass for the cattle. Here’s Jim with Carolina and her husband Greg Fink. There was a range fire in the area, so smoke obscured the tower most of the time we were there. It’s a beautiful area anyway – wild turkey and white-tailed deer country.

Here’s Carolina out feeding her livestock protection dogs early in the morning, with a goat assisting of course.

And a few shots of goats doing what goats do.

Carolina’s dogs were great – they love their goats and had little or no interest in us. Good dogs!