Merry Christmas!

Apparently,  according to Gerry Cox, a lot of our friends have been worried because our mailbox was “full” and messages were bouncing. After messing around with it a lot, it seems to be working normally, at least for now. But whatever the problems, be assured that we are well, despite the puppy’s eating the house*, and you can call us on either our cell phone or our land line. The first is best for messages, the second better for talking.

Steve is hard at work on the new book of books and the fiction follows close behind. He can no longer type comfortably for long periods of time so we hope to hire a professional typist who is literate and very interested in his work. Wish us luck.

And in the words of Belloc:

“May all our enemies go to Hell, noel, noel, noel, noel!”

* Her greatest creation so far involved making a large pile of potting soil in the middle of our living room rug, and decorating it with inch- long sections of two amaryllises. Not content with that effect, she climbed onto the kitchen table and retrieved two tangerines, which she shredded over the amaryllis and potting soil. It wasn’t as bad the day before when she destroyed 5 Kazakh hoods, but it was more creative. We wonder what the Kazakh for “Bowerbird” might be…