Public Lands- More Perspective on Don T

Ron Moody, a neighbor of Don’s in Lewistown, has written on the subject of Public Lands and their loss before, notably in this article from  the Bull Moose Gazette he sent me last week:

“So is this dispute an isolated event? Or do other NGOs (non-government
organizations) self-censor or suppress support for public access to obtain
backing of wealthy donors who want more wildlife but also want exclusive private access
to it?   My observation is that such suppression is widespread, even
endemic, to the DU-type fundraising model employed by many habitat conservation groups.

“Thirteen years ago I wrote on this very subject in my old NIMROD’S TRACE
column once published in the Montana Wildlife Newspaper of the Montana Wildlife
Federation.  That column was about the challenges for hunters in the 21st
Century as predictable at the end of the 20th Century.

“Judge for yourself whether the 20th Century has inflicted hard challenges on
conservationists of the 21st Century.”

RTWT!  As  Randy Newberg, interviewing Don on a Hunt Talk Radio podcast last week said, (Don agreed): both parties are out of touch with sportsmen, the majority of whom want to keep their guns AND their Public lands; only the very rich don’t care. (HT Lucas  Machias for the podcast).