Train not in vain

The next posts will be on the last few fascinating if tiring days– Amtrak sleeper, a civilized way to ride; Kansas City, a good friend, some med workups, unique museums, BARBECUE; back to the Spur and water battle…

Here is my snug little sleeping box, just big enough for my stuff. Pretty good for sleeping but frustratingly one sided for viewing my beloved Great Plains, which of all wild or empty landscapes seem to provoke my dreams. Do you know James McMurtry’s “No More Buffalo”? Luckily the skylighted Lounge cars had big windows, comfortable chairs disposed variously, and a good selection of beer and spirits– a civilized way to ride.

My sleeping box– about what I needed and not an inch more. I think of certain Japanese hotels that hold their clients packed in like sardines; these travelling cells are nicer: