Kennewick: free at last!

A team of scientists are finally going to be allowed to study the 9000- plus year old remains of “Kennewick Man”, despite the coalition of tribes that objected under what any rational person must think is (at least) an overly- broad interpretation of NAGPRA.

Too bad the government colluded with the tribes to rebury and cement over the rest of the find. It will make it very hard to do a true “taphonomic” study…

If remains as old as this are surrendered to the tribes I believe I am going to get together with a few friends of Italian Alpine descent and lay claim to the Ice Man. We have a better claim to genetic ancestry any day than the four tribes who claim the Kennewick bones do….

And here is the scariest part to me:
“Legislation remains under consideration in Congress that would allow federally recognized tribes to claim ancient remains even if they cannot prove a link to a current tribe”.

Uhhh… why?

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  1. The ONLY reason is that the tribes now how casino money which gives them political muscle. It is amazing to see what this change has wrought in the political landscape here in California. And it is not necessarily for the best.


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