Doom and Gloom

American this time, and maybe too slight and early to blog. But I was reading James Lileks this morning and came to a mention of what Minneapolis grade school kids would like for us all.

“…the other day when I went to read a book in her [his daughter’s] class I noted the exhibit outside the classroom. The theme: “If I Were President.” It’s an interesting exercise; you can learn a lot about a kid if you give them Ultimate Power. Most of them wanted peace and no war and no hurting animals, and at least a third banned smoking.”

It IS the times– I guarantee my (and my classmates) responses would have been different in the Fifties.

I sort of want to go to live in Kazakhstan. And smoke. Camels. Now.

4 thoughts on “Doom and Gloom”

  1. You can always come to newfoundland we still know how to live.
    It a little closer than Central Asia and we still live the real life
    regards Dan


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