Dad’s B -17

Reid’s post below on the weather vane reminded me of a sketch he and Matt and other visitors have seen in my library.

In 1941 my father was a scholarship student at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. A year later he was a first lieutenant in the Army Air Corps, a bombardier and navigator in a B17 flying over Germany. I believe he flew 26 missions.

Here is what you get when an art student flies bombers:

And here is the young lieutenant himself:

Update: my brother in law, who has researched my father’s military career, says:

“Joe actually flew 34 missions– 3 Aug, 44 to 11 Dec, 44– and lived to tell about it!”

3 thoughts on “Dad’s B -17”

  1. Hi Steve,
    I remember this work! I thought it was so interesting. I had no idea it was your Dad’s nor that it was such a personal work for him. Thanks for sharing this. Hope all is well and hello to Lib. J

  2. i saw that in back of the Mauser pic and wondered what it was. My suspicions were confirmed that it was B-17’s. Very cool and nicely done.

  3. Mary, visiting with Marccus in St Croix says it was 36 missions. Did you snag the old leather jacket? The missions were enumerated with hand painted bombs.
    Wait, Mom says KK has the jacket, so maybe they counted them?
    M&M in STX


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