Reid Moving Update

I told you all back in mid-December that Connie and I are moving to Denver and at that time gave our ETA as sometime in January. We made a house hunting trip in December but couldn’t come up with anything. In the subsequent weeks our attempts to continue looking were interrupted by the holidays, the pressure of some work assignments, and a series of extraordinarily bad storms in Colorado (ask Chas Clifton about them!).

We finally returned to Denver the first week of this month and have a contract on a house that we like. We are due to close on the house March 9. We are scheduled to pack and leave Santa Barbara on March 14.

As our office is at the south end of town (in the Denver Technological Center for those who know) we had been looking in the southeastern area. Our house is just south of the town of Parker. It’s on the high plains (6,270 ft.) and to my delight (not so much Connie’s) it’s located just east of a stream named Moonshine Gulch. The picture above is a view of Pike’s Peak from the new house.

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  1. Now you’re just a short drive – by Western standards – from the Comanche grasslands in SE Colorado. You should check out the archeology in the area before the Army’s tanks grind them under in their expansion of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site. Or is this part of your new work?


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