Spring Snow

We had a couple days of rain early in the week that of course fell as snow in the mountains. That gave a fresh coating of white to Mt. Evans (14,264 ft.) west of us…

and Pikes Peak (14,110 ft.) to our south. We have also been having some wind, which if you look closely you can see whipping snow off of both of these mountains.Tall and remote as Pikes Peak and Mt. Evans seem, you can drive to the tops of both of them in the summer.Mt. Evans is about 50 miles from us and Pikes Peak is about 45 miles away. It’s nice having these long unobstructed vistas again. Thinking of this just reminded me of the passage in Querencia, where a newly arrived Steve tells a native New Mexican that you never get views like this in the East and she asks, “What gets in the way?”

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