Big Fisherman

This photo emerged from a packing box over the weekend. That’s Reid Farmer, age seven, with some rainbows we caught in the Arkansas Ozarks. That’s my grandfather Travis Reid’s hand holding the other end of the stringer. I really liked that sheath knife that I bought while on vacation in the Smoky Mountains.

Steve and Matt – do you have any junior outdoorsman photos to contribute?

You asked for it. 🙂 Matt and Dad about 1972. A sunfish would have pulled me in.S
Steve, the young woodsman: ” I am trying to track one I know I have of me at about the same age as Reid with a string of pickerel, but here is one at 27 or 28 with a woodcock in Easton Mass., where I grew up and my mother still lives. That field is a ‘community’ of condos now.”

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