From Steve

Dear all,

Internets still screwed but:

(1) I am halfway, the worst half, through on the book and if I have a peaceful week– unlikely– I could be all drafted in a week.

(2) As of last night they will pay my way air & in- country to go to Almaty for the Primitive Dog Breeds thing 10 September, and Libby likely has enough frequent flyer mile to go too.

Now all I have to do is secure permissions for 100 illustrations for the book, and get out of jury duty.

In frenzied haste,


2 thoughts on “From Steve”

  1. Matt and Steve,

    Good news. But also I wanted to say that I have an eMAC, quite like Steve’s, and have had to wrestle with it a bit lately. One of my “breakthru” discoveries seems to be that if one will leave one’s eMac on and attached to the Internet overnight, it will automatically do a lot of self-healing — a kind of re-install from headquarters that does a lot of reconciling and updating. Might be worth a try. It seems to have helped here.

    Now if I could update my “wetware”…

    Prairie Mary


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