Signs that Fall is Coming

Cottonwood leaves are turning

Arrival of Colorado Western Slope peaches. These are from Palisade
And it’s time for roasting chiles

5 thoughts on “Signs that Fall is Coming”

  1. Signs of Fall in Cambridge: strangely empty streets — the lull after the tourists and language students go home, but before the undergraduates come up. And today: a bank employee peeling a sticker of a singing skylark, and a sticker of a giant, anatomically incorrect butterfly, from the window of the bank. And replacing them with stickers of falling leaves.

  2. We had a breezy night last night and early this morning I saw another sign of Fall – tumbleweeds

    And the chiles. Connie had them roast a half bushel for her. A week later, the inside of the Explorer still smells wonderfully of roasted chile

  3. One of the best things about the early fall in the southwest is riding around with your window down and hitting the scent stream from a green chile roaster. Instant Pavlovian response!


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